We inform the applicants about that the deadline for submission - of the tender for the procurement and installation of solar thermal collector in the amount of HUF 2.97 billion published on 12 October 2011 – has been extended until 31 Marc 2012.
The demand for the subsidy of the submitted application so far is approximately 1.313 billion. 1918 flats are covered by the planned developments.
The applicants can start the investment promptly after the submission of the application for their own responsibility. The applicants take the risk that in case of rejection new application can not be submitted in the same subject, taking into consideration that launched investment can not be subsidized.


We propose to start the investment only after receipt of the tender decision.

The Expert Committee sit on the first weeks of 2012 probably, so the first decisions on the applications can be made already in January 2012.

In that case, if the application couldn’t be performed because of the rise in prices of the tenderer and contractor company – beacuse of the enhanced costs -, there is an opportunity to make a contract and make made the installation with such other registered contractor after the positive tender decision, which can provide the implementation without rise in prices ensuring the original technical parameters.

We wish you a Happy New Year and successful application!