The Ministry of National Development will start a tender under the Széchenyi Plan Green Investment Scheme in the amount of HUF 2.97 billion for the procurement and installation of solar thermal collector systems for residential hot water generation and heating. Funds for the programme will be raised from the proceeds of the international carbon quota sale. News of the tender was announced by Minister of State for Climate and Energy János Bencsik at Kaposvár on 12 October 2012.

Private persons and condominiums comprising maximum 12 homes may apply for the procurement and installation of multifunctional solar collector systems for the generation of residential hot water and heating purposes, or a combination of the two, perhaps including other heat requirements. Irrespectively of the building technology of the residential property, eligible activities include the procurement and installation of systems comprising a solar thermal collector and its connecting elements.The funds granted under the tender may amount to 50% of the total cost of the investment, but in any case no more than HUF 800 000 per home.The cost of work performed may not exceed 30 percent of the historical cost recognisable for the purposes of the grant. The solar thermal collector systems to be installed must fit organically into the existing building services system of the edifice and must be operable all the year round.

János Bencsik called the attention to the fact that the installation of systems aimed at the reduction of carbon emission from existing residential buildings and the improvement of their energy efficiency can only be performed by contactors registered by ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. page.

In each case the grant is non-refundable and subsequently financed. Applications may be submitted between 25 October and 31 December 2011 or until the limit is reached.Applications will be evaluated periodically, in the order of submission.The tender announcement will be published on 12 October 2011, and the tender guide and its attachments will be accessible subsequently on the government’s website, as well as the website of ÉMI Építésügyi Minőségellenőrző Innovációs Nonprofit Kft. (ÉMI Non-profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building) (