Applications can be submitted from today for environmentally responsible building renovation and the construction of resource-efficient edifices within the framework of the Green Investment Scheme of the Széchenyi Plan. Funds will be raised for the Our home renovation and construction programme announced by the Ministry of National Development in the aggregate amount of HUF 1.6 billion from the proceeds of the international carbon quota sale.

In the interest of sustainable design and the use of renewable resources, owners and residential communities may submit applications for the complex building physical modernisation of properties built in the traditional way before 1992. Eligible activities include, among others, the placement and replacement of high-efficiency doors and windows, the heat insulation of facades and roofs, and the overhaul and conversion of home and water heating systems operated by traditional resources. Up to HUF 3-5 million may be granted if at least 50-60% of the energy is saved in a home. The funds granted under the tender may amount to about  40-50% of the total cost of the investment.

The purpose of granting support to new homes is to promote the construction of energy class A of A+ buildings. Private persons and business associations may be granted HUF 40-60 thousand per square metre, up to HUF 4-6 million per residential unit, from the funds available under the tender. The scope of eligible activities is identical with those set for renovation.

Building industry is the sector where the highest amount of energy can be saved, and the country’s energy dependence may be reduced through such comprehensive building services programmes. These investments will reduce energy consumption along with the overhead costs of the occupants. High-performance buildings using less operating energy and meeting stricter-than-required building physics parameters will increase the value of the property, in addition to creating jobs for qualified people.

In each case the grant is non-refundable and subsequently financed. Applications may be submitted between 15 August and 30 October 2011 or until the limit is reached. If applications are submitted to the tender in an amount significantly exceeding the original plans and the available funds prove to be insufficient for accepting more tenders, the Ministry of National Development is entitled to stop the grant scheme.

The invitation to tender for the Our home renovation and new home building programme is accessible along with the Tender Guide and its annexes via the website of Energiaközpont Nonprofit Kft. (Energy Centre Non-profit Limited Company).