The total amount requested in the applications submitted for the sub-programme to support the establishment of solar collector systems covers the HUF 2.97 billion available for this purpose under the New Széchenyi Plan Green Investment Scheme. Once the deadline extended to 15 May 2012 was over, the Ministry of National Development closed the scheme. Altogether 5,686 applications were received, more than 2,300 of which have been assessed favourably up to now. Evaluation of the remaining applications is in progress.

The tender financed from the revenues of the international sale of carbon quotas offered an opportunity for power engineering modernisations to promote the use of renewable energy carriers. According to the National Energy Strategy, carbon emission may be reduced and energy efficiency improved, among others, by increasing reliance on solar power. Responses to this new scheme have proved that the Government’s intentions set out in the National Action Plan for Renewable Energy Utilisation coincide with the requirements of the potential applicants.


Once the submission deadline was over at midnight on 15 May 2012, the Ministry of National Development closed the grant scheme and stopped receiving tender documents. Any subsequently submitted application will be automatically rejected without evaluation.


The scheme started by the ministry facilitates reduction in the overhead and power costs of the approved households.  This programme will secure orders for the Hungarian small entrepreneurs of this sector. The projects implemented with support under this tender will contribute to the fulfilment of Hungary’s commitments undertaken in the field of climate protection.



Ministry of National Development

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