The extended submission deadline for the tender entitled “Sub-programme for the establishment of solar collector systems facilitating the use of renewable energy carriers, generating residential hot water and providing booster heating” published at the beginning of October 2011 under the New Széchenyi Plan Green Investment Scheme in the amount of 2.97 billion is 15 May 2012. The extension of participation is justified by the spectacular vivacity of interest on part of tenderers in recent weeks.

Eligible activities include the acquisition and installation of systems consisting of solar collector and related elements, regardless of the building technology of property. Tenders may be submitted by private persons and condominiums of 12 flats as a maximum. The tender source may cover 50 per cent of the entire value of the investment, but aid of no more than 800 thousand HUF may be granted. Work fee must not be more than 30 per cent of the cost eligible in terms of the aid. The solar collector system must integrally fit into the existing engineering system of the building, and it must be operational all over the year. All tender information is available at the website of ÉMI Nonprofit Kft. managing the tender: or at the website

As an indirect impact, the programme creates local workplaces in the building industry, resulting in orders to domestic small entrepreneurs of the sector. The developments implemented with grant aid also contribute to the fulfilment of the international obligations undertaken by Hungary in the field of climate protection.


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