GIS „Our home” renovation and „building new home” sub-program

The aim of the first subprogram started in 2011 of GIS – which is the fifth program – is to promote the complex energy-efficient and CO2 emission reducing renovation, modernisation of extant blocks of buildings, promotion of the usage of renewable energy and construction of new, energy-efficient building of blocks.

Total amount of the tender: 1.6 billion HUF

Publishing of announcement: 13 of July of 2011.

Deadline for submission: from 15th of August to 17th of August of 2011.

Applicants: private persons, housing associations, condominiums, builder organisations

GIS sub-program for promotion of renewable energy usage, installation of multifunctional solar collector systems for the generation of residential hot water and heating purposes

The newest subprogram of the GIS has been published on 12th of October 2011, which supports the procurement and installation of energyefficiency promoting and emission reducing solar collector systems of the extant block of buildings (multifunctional solar collector systems for generation of residential hot water, for heating or combination of the two perhaps including other heat requirements).

Total amount of the tender: 2.97 billion HUF

Publishing of announcement: 12th of October of 2011.

Deadline for submission: from 25th of October to 31st of December of 2011 or until the funds available are exhausted

Applicants: private persons, condominiums